Climbing Map

For a couple of years now I have been maintaining a google map of all the climbing and bouldering areas that I have visited. This helps me visually see a number of areas and makes it easier to keep track of smaller bouldering areas.

This is the map that I have created:
Blue Dots = Bouldering Areas (may have sport climbing there)
Red Dots = Sport-climbing Areas
P = Parking areas for more obscure areas

View Climbing Areas Around Denver in a larger map

Bonus!!! Castlewood Canyon Sport-climbing and Bouldering Locations:
Red = boulder locations
Light Blue = Trailheads
Purple = Sport Climbing

View Castlewood Canyon Climbing and Bouldering Locations in a larger map

Map of Castlewood Canyon State Park Bouldering Areas:

Bouldering Areas around Castlewood Canyon State Park Colorado

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