Castlewood Canyon Project

Castlewood Canyon State Park is a anomaly along the front range.

Some love it, a lot hate it, it has been featured on the covers of magazines and bashed all over the internet. None of that matters; what does matter is the feeling you get when you finally stumble upon a long-lost boulder after a strenuous bushwhacking, or the view as the sun sets over the mountains as you desperately work your project, or the feeling of the cold water from Cherry Creek as you wash your worn hands on your hike out.

I am complying a collection of everything Castlewood into one location and will continue to develop this section. Below is the main portals into the different Castlewood experiences: 

Bouldering Photos:

A select group of photos showing the numerous boulders of Castlewood Canyon.


Map of Castlewood Canyon:

Follow the link to get a map of Castlewood canyon. Additionally a Google Map with pins on specific areas is included.

Scenic Photos:

Collection of beautiful images showcasing Castlewood’s unique features.

Blog Posts Featuring Castlewood:

A Collection of Writings and Adventures in Castlewood.

Castlewood Canyon on

Mountain Project:

Find more info on climbing in Castlewood canyon.



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