“The Unrelenting Lowdown” is a blog/news that is authored and maintained by Andy Librande. The goal of this section is to keep the masses pleased by providing them with a desired amount of “stoke”, or photos, write-ups and other blurbs of my happenings and the happenings of the many outdoor enthusiasts that I am frequently around.

I am an outdoor enthusiast that loves to go climbing, snowboarding, camping, backpacking, fishing, mountain biking, etc… Growing up in the mountains and front range of Colorado a significant portion of my life has luckily been spent outside enjoying nature. Boy Scouts and my parents taught me the skills of backpacking, adventure, and travel.  When I was in college I naturally gravitated towards the outdoor club (University of Denver Alpine Club) and quickly found myself  spending every free moment possible on trips exploring new areas in Colorado/Utah/Wyoming.

All around me amazing moments were happening and I felt somebody needed to start documenting these moments. In 2004 I invested in my first digital SLR and it has become an integral part of all the activities I do within my life. In 2006 I spent six months of my life living and studying in China where I vastly expanded my photography skills and began a life-long dedication to international travel and cultural studies. In late 2007 I started blogging my adventures and haven’t slowed down since then.  My goal is to capture images which hopefully reflect the ambiance of actually being there.

I hope you enjoy the trip reports of my many adventures and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments via leaving comments in posts or contacting me through email using this form: http://andylibrande.com/news/contact/


Andy (aka the author of this website) Bouldering at Pawtuckaway, NH

Andy Librande Bouldering in Pawtuckaway

Here I am enjoying the Views of the Gore Range Wilderness, Colorado:

Peak C Gore Range Wilderness Summer 2011

Hanging out with extremophiles in Yellowstone NP:

Powder Riding is Something I Love:

Deer Creek Valley Colorado Backcountry Snowboarding

Hope you enjoy my adventures!

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